Black Amnesty

It has been 9 years and 171 days since the events of the Apalos spire. A period in time simply referred to by the Mages guild as the “Silencing”. The general populace of Argus unknowing of the threat that had besot them.

What has happened to the hero’s of past days? After being honored in secret ceremony by the Mages they departed ways to find themselves in life or even death.

The land has been peaceful for many years but recently hordes of undead attacks have plagued the main continent of Argus and many have had to move closer to the walls of Argonaut, Argus’ capital.

All the undead attacks have spurred noble Dragons and the Mages guild to hunt down this new uprising of death. However, some of these monstrosities hold power far stronger then some of the Dragon’s felling them in battle and raising their bodies as allies and stealing their secrets for themselves.

Advanced information extraction techniques developed by the Mages guild have procured the name Sjuvian from undead Lieutenants and those with enough brains left to think. It appears that he has supreme control of the undead forces in Argus. The information gathered also suggests that he is not the only general of the Dread Army, but rather one for each continent of Argus.

  • Argus – Sjuvian: The Vampire Executor
  • Goguit – Llupa: Queen of Ghouls
  • Cornalis – Bhomat: King of the Satyr’s
  • Meridia – The Skull Lord: The Skull Lord
  • Copper Islands – Fuo: Ravager of Life
  • Quiltus – Cambiard: League of Cambion

They apparently are working in tandem for some ultimate goal. Maybe one of the Generals knows the answer…

Black Amnesty

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