Vecepia Atramentis

Unaligned (though leaning slightly to the evil side) Warlock


Vecepia is a 24 year old Warlock, who is 6’ and weighs 150lbs. She has long black hair and purple eyes, a 3’ tail and hooves for feet, but despite her tiefling heritage does not have horns, which, to her great pleasure means that she can go just about anywhere without stirring up too much discrimination from commoners. Vecepia does not particularly concern herself with gods, but does admire the Raven Queen, God of Death.

HP 13

Strength 8

Constitution 12

Dexterity 10

Intelligence 17

Wisdom 11

Charisma 19

Ac 15

Fort 11

Ref 13

Will 14


Three years ago my home encampment was overrun by Dragonborn warlords who claimed that us Tieflings were usurping Dragonborn land. After the war with those creatures, the Tiefling had no place to call home, and many of us ended up in the same encampment. Whether this land did or did not belong to the Dragonborn, I never knew for sure, but what I did know was that these racist pigs who called themselves civilized wanted no more than to make our lives a living hell.

My younger sister and I were the only family we had. Although we both prefer to think of ourselves as individuals, during those years of torture, she was my backbone, and I was hers. We were forced to work as maids for Dragonborn elite, while only allowed to speak Draconic, and answering to “demon girl”. I hated my life and desperately wanted to leave.

One morning I woke to find a note from my sister, which said that she had tried to escape that night, and that she couldn’t tell me for fear that my involvement would cause my death. Even so, I felt abandoned by her. Days of despair turned into hatred, which turned into ambition. I knew my only way out, and the only way to see my sister again was to escape as she did.

Every evening when I was supposed to be doing the cleaning as my Warlord master left to hunt for the night, I began sneaking into the nearby human settlement to buy or steal provisions with what pittance I had to prepare my flight. I had to be careful though, this settlement was also run by Dragonborn, though it had other races milling about. It was during these visits I learned the human dialect of common speech.

When I finally thought I was ready, I put my plan into action. Hiding my hooves in boots and shielding my tail and face with a cloak, I sneaked out of my master’s place and, pretending I was human, I bluffed my way out masquerading as a lost messenger. Once I was past that settlement and the neighboring camp, I fled for the hills.

After days of travel I came upon a large town filled with humans, and a few Dragonborn. My disguise could not last here for long. When I was finally revealed to be Tiefling, those idiots of humans and racist Dragons drove me from the town. Those humans were scared. They thought I would reign hell upon them in my lust for power. Those idiots whose ancestors created us in their lust for power dared to accuse me of such a thing.

My days now are spent wandering the world looking for adventure. After I made my pact I decided I was strong enough to take on enemies. Both humans and Dragonborn are welcome to join me, however, if they make mockery of my culture, they must prepare to die.

Vecepia Atramentis

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